Direct Marketing Kitchens
Based in Northern Ireland

We can transform your kitchen by replacing doors,  worktops, sink, matching  panels, etc.

By using and keeping your existing cabinets in  place,  we can substantially reduce the expense of changing the look of your kitchen.

The final cost would only be a fraction of replacing the whole kitchen.

The work normally takes only one day to complete and any disruption kept to an absolute minimum.

Additional units can be added if required and a full range of appliances  is available.

We can offer an excellent range of both traditional and modern doors,
in a variety of colours, with matching accessories  manufactured by

a major supplier, based in Northern Ireland, with a  full product guarantee.

Choose your new doors / worktops in the comfort of  your own home during  our initial


DIRECT  MARKETING   KITCHENS NI   (established 1992)